Game Draft

The game me and my friend Mohamed are planning to make is named for now “Football quiz,” that’s draft 1 for the name hopefully we might have a better name when submitting the game.

When we first thought about a game we wanted to design a game that isn’t really sad we wanted to design a game that actually the players might benefit from it and might take something from it with their lives. The players are expected to encounter situations that for sure will be challenging for them, as they will be required not to think with their current age, but to put themselves in the shoes of a 12 year old boy, and how will the pressure from the surroundings like his friends and family, how does the pressure of these people will affect his decisions, will he hold tight on the things he love the most or will he change all of his beliefs on order to escape from all the pressure that surrounds him, all of these will be known throughout the game and it will be totally based on the answers or choices the player takes. It’s not a path A & path B, but it has different paths for the answers someone gives. So briefly the game tackles the concept of persistence and passion. The game with all of its information is based on personal experiences and annually situations that will for sure add the sense of reality to the game.


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