Digital Games

Trying digital games with an aim behind is a very new experience to me. I have experienced some new topics that never crossed my mind and got to put myself in others’ shoes. I felt and learnt a lot as well.

Sleep-Deprived Mom Game (

  • I have tried the sleep deprived mom game, it had 2 scenarios after each question, and both eventually lead to losing sleep no matter what I choose. I liked that it was so realistic, and it reminded me with what I witnessed with my mom while taking care of my baby brother & sister years ago. Maybe what I didn’t like that it was limited options but the 2 options made sense anyway. What is weird that I felt really sleepy during the game! I felt like I got really tired and I regret all the hours wasted in the game whenever I make a choice that requires losing 2 hours of sleep and so on. What I have learned is that the next time I see a mother trying to sleep, I’ll take her baby and take care of it till she gets some rest!


Fake it to make it (

  • Before I try this game, I double thought if I would be able to play it because usually I am a very cautious person about what I share on social media, as I don’t share anything before making sure it is correct & from a reliable source. So ironically, spreading fake news was not that easy for me during the game. I was so picky about which news I might share. For example, I kept thinking which is less harmful to share ‘the president is a member of this religion’ or ‘check the most expensive vacation the president was on.’ Needless to mention that I chose the second news because its impacts or damages for those who read it would be less. I know I am too serious for a game. I couldn’t complete it anyway. I liked it seemed like a real website but I didn’t like that it was a bit vague & I didn’t enjoy it. However, it learnt me or acknowledged me that I am hard to let go of my concepts even though it is a game, but it something that I am poriud of after this game!


Single Mothers Game (

  • It is a game where I get to choose whether my husband die or left me & my children, then go through many scenarios to adapt living without him & to support my family financially. I chose that he has died, so it showed me that now I have problems with my inheritance as I can’t take it immediately. So, I have to work or sell my properties. Of course I chose to work, then I got really pissed off with the fact that I was paid as a part time because this was more of a “manly” job. As if the latency of inheritance wasn’t enough! The game really made me feel the struggle. I loved it so much and I wished that the scenarios would complete endlessly so that I know how the situation is like to a single mom till the very end.



Child Abuse Orphan edition (

  • This topic was so out of my usual scope. It makes me live as an orphan & at first I have the choice either to keep living & bear the abuse of the caretaker or runaway. I ran away, found another orphanage, got adopted, finished highschool & moved wih my parents to US! I liked that finally a happy ending to story instead of being depressed with the result at the end. From the previous game, it left with an expectation that I will lose the family at the end or they’ll abandon me. What I didn’t like is that I wasn’t left with much options, only runaway or stay at orphanage & to stay in Egypt/Move to US. Otherwise, it was just story telling with one button to click to see how the story would go.


Street-Sweeper (

  • Again, so out of my scope the topic was. It started with telling me to increase my shift from 6 am to 4 pm, to 8 pm instead! Without getting paid for the extra hours. of course I chose to not work that day as a form of protest, but I wasn’t paid that day & got fired for behaving badly! So, I had to retry the game to put myself more in the shoe of the street sweeper. I tried again, and got fired again! Why? Because I didn’t have enough money so it is either buy my medication & beg in streets, or save the money to feed my family. So I saved, then it got worse, I was sick in bed so I got fired. This was so hard! Maybe the hardest of the 5 games. She supported her game with very realistic pictures. And giving me so hard choices. Not only this, I also chose to be submissive in all the situations that I have could stood up for myself and talk for. But I felt like I had absolutely no right to do this, and instead I will be yelled at so I just chose to remain silent and keep the suffering for myself.

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