#UnboundEq Activity

At first, when I heard that we are going to make a twitter scavenger hunt, I had no idea what it could be about. I had second thoughts that maybe we would be searching for something specific on twitter like watching people’s posts & make an assumption about them from their tweets or something. However, it turned out to be completely different.

I loved how diverse the nationalities participating in this activity. When I knew that we would be students from different countries participating in such an activity, I expected that we wouldn’t be interacting together, and only people that are in the same classroom will be the only responding to each other. So, I was amazed when I found that many students from other countries actually replied to our class posts, retweeted and so on.

The part of guessing the photo was my favorite, however, I couldn’t guess any image right except for only one. For example, when I first saw this photo,20180923_030602.jpg I thought it is a cloth; a texture of a t-shirt or a bed sheet. Then it turned out to be a collection of rocks!

While this photo when I first looked at it 20180923_030515.jpgI believed it is a bird, on a second thought I found that it is a whale’s fin. I was surprised then with how I saw it wrong though it is a very clear fin.

This activity made me learn & realize that not everything we see is what we necessarily believe it is. We could be seeing only part of the bigger picture, and we keep on making judgements and endless assumptions on this part, though it is not true at all from the very beginning. Similar to what always happen on social media, we see only a part of a video of someone cursing then we go like (OMG! How can this person say such words on TV, he has no morals, his program should be banned…etc) but what we did not see is the rest of the video where he was talking about someone that said those words, or a call that made the presenter so mad, or the video is fake and it was different words said at different times, then someone just put it all together so that it would seem real, while it is only a cheap rumor that someone is trying to spread. Furthermore, it made me question myself that after I see something very clearly (for example knowing that the video was fake, or seeing that it’s actually whale’s fin not a bird), I wonder how didn’t I realize such a simple thing from the very beginning, and that it was crystal clear but I disturbed myself with the thoughts in my head & ignored the clearest details that shows the reality of what is in front of my eyes. So, the next time when I see something online, I wouldn’t believe my interpretation until I make sure that I understand and see the thing correctly so as not to be fooled with my own thoughts/wrong interpretations or fooled by someone else’s trials of spreading rumors.



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