• I used to be the narrator & the leading actress in most of my both schools’ theater.
  • 20180913_005520.jpg
  • I tried 7 different sports; but kickboxing was my most favorite
  • I’ve got accepted at a UN internship, unfortunately I didn’t go.
  • I’ve dealt with many cultures from around the world in a conference in Dubai (Srilanka, Slovakian, Hawaiian, Iranian, Japanese, All Arab Countries nationalities,… etc)
  • srilanka
  • Two years ago, I was kind of a tour guide to a Korean friend of mine in Egypt, and we’re in contact since then.
  • yuki.jpg
  • I’ve taken an Italian course couple of years ago (but of course I’ve forgot everything now :D)
  • “Most Responsible” title in Prom & was nominated for most beautiful spirit too!
  • prom

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